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Rehab Addiction Live Transfers with Heritus Lead Transfer

Are you a Rehabilitation center that offers treatment for addiction?

Are you looking for people who can benefit from your treatments?

Heritus can help you find them.

Heritus is into Addiction Treatment Marketing and Lead Generation. We offer high quality rehab addiction leads that will give you complete details of people who are looking for addiction treatments that will help them come out of their addiction successfully. We put in efforts to ensure the drug treatment leads that we give you are absolutely accurate and updated. You can filter these addiction treatment leads as per your specifications and purchase only those rehab leads that match with your needs perfectly.

Why buy Rehab Addiction leads?

You can definitely generate your own drug treatment leads if you are up to carrying out the various lead generation techniques such as cold calling and prospecting. However, if you do not have the required resources or the time to make those addiction rehab calls, your best option would be to get in touch with a professional lead generating firm that is into addiction treatment lead generation and buy leads for treatment centers. Here are a few benefits you can expect if you decide to purchase such addiction treatment leads:

Opportunity to run your rehab center in full capacity throughout the year

By hiring a Professional lead generating firm, you can get a steady supply of Rehab Addiction Leads. All these addiction leads would be 100% qualify-able, if contacted immediately. If you have in place, proven marketing strategies that can convert your prospects into customers, you can be assured of running your treatment center quite profitably during the entire year.

Readymade leads in an affordable way

In-house lead generation could cost you a lot. There is a lot of work involved such as: • Developing landing pages • Optimizing them for the search engines • Driving traffic • Capturing leads • Qualifying leads through cold calling and lead nurturing • Converting the qualified leads into your in or out patients

Also, there is no way you can guarantee that each lead that you capture will qualify and convert. However, by purchasing rehab leads, you straight-away get qualify-able leads. The best part is that you don’t even have to make those addiction rehab calls that end up annoying most people. Since you pay up a fixed rate per lead, you pay only for those drug treatment leads that you actually buy. This can work out very cost-effective in the long run.

The addiction treatment leads that you get have higher chances of conversion

As a professional addiction treatment marketing and lead generation firm, Heritus specializes in providing exclusive and personalized rehab addiction leads. These addiction treatment leads are captured based on the specifications of the clients and hence match their expectations perfectly. Also, since we make it a point to transfer these leads for treatment centers immediately, the chances of them getting converted are very high.

Time, Efforts and Money Saved

Purchasing Addiction Leads from reputed addiction treatment lead generation firms like Heritus would mean obtaining drug treatment leads without putting in any kind of efforts from your side. You can save a lot of time that you can otherwise use in improving your service or expanding your center. The decision can save you many efforts in making those cold addiction rehab calls that seem to annoy your leads. The lead generation firm makes these calls for you, matches therehab leads and transfers them to you. You also save money on creating and optimizing your landing pages. The lead generation firm will do it all for you.

How it works

The addiction treatment leads that you want has a lot to do with the kind of treatments that you provide at your rehabilitation center. Heritus does not want to waste your time and money by giving you rehab addiction leads that seem to be of no use to you. We follow a strict process when it comes to addiction treatment lead generation and it involves standard steps as given below:

Step 1: Understand the requirements of the client

Before offering leads for treatment centers we obtain information about the exact type of drug treatment leads the treatment centers are looking for. We do a lot of inquiries before we confirm our understanding so that we get an accurate idea about the kind of Addiction Leads we have to generate.

Step 2: Preparing questions

Once we understand your requirements, we go on to prepare a few questions that will lead us towards the exact type of rehab leads you require. We then either put up these questions on forms in our landing pages or ask them while making Addiction Rehab Calls.

Step 3: Capturing & Transferring Addiction treatment lead

Being a thoroughly professional addiction treatment marketing and lead generation firm, Heritus is an expert in optimizing its landing pages and generating traffic from the search engines. Once the forms are filled up by the people who are looking for addiction treatments, the drug treatment leads will be immediately transferred to you. By getting in touch with them immediately you can make sure they register for your treatments, thereby improving your revenue. In case we make addiction rehab calls, we will transfer the live calls to you as soon as we find a perfect lead.

Why choose Heritus?

If you are a drug treatment center, you will have to look for a lead generating firm that is into addiction treatment lead generation. Heritus can definitely suit you because of the following reasons:

Time-tested techniques

We provide leads for treatment centers as per their specific requirements. To do so, we have in place proven methodologies that help us capture qualify-able rehab addiction leads that offer maximized chances of conversions. Whether it is about sorting out our leads or managing data, we do it accurately with the help of advanced technology tools

Committed Team Members

We have trained our team members and instilled in them our business values of helping our clients succeed in the achievement of their goals, come what may. Apart from having a rich experience in lead generation, they are also absolutely dedicated to do their jobs according to the specifications given. They use their excellent communication skills to make sure they qualify each and every lead that they capture, before transferring the same to you.

Unmatched Customer Service

Customer service is always at top priority in Heritus. Our main objective is to give you what you need well within the specified time frame. We put in all our efforts to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with what you get. You may ask us any queries as and when they may occur and we will clarify them for you, gladly and promptly.

Quality Leads at Affordability Pricing

Our price per lead is very competitive if you happen to compare the same with the other lead generation firms in the market. At the same time we never compromise on the quality of the addiction leads that we give you. We understand it is only through quality and affordability that we can gain your trust, which is our biggest reward in business. We value your feedback and suggestions and try to improve our services based on the same.

Heritus strives to give you only the best when it comes to rehab leads. It becomes your responsibility to give us your exact specifications so that you get to buy only those drug treatment leads that you are actually looking for.

We would be glad to hear from you as soon as possible.

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