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Simplifying and Enhancing Case Acquisition and Legal Marketing

Heritus utilizes advanced technology to operate an all-inclusive case acquisition system. This system efficiently connects you with eligible individuals who match your precise case criteria. Whether you intend to expand ongoing campaigns or initiate new ones, our platform streamlines the process of acquiring legal cases for you.

Step-1: Interact with Heritus

Articulate the qualities and prerequisites your firm has established for claimants to become part of your client base.

Legitimate Claim: Claimants who have a valid legal case or claim that falls within our area of specialization.

Clear Need: Claimants who have a genuine need for legal representation and are actively seeking assistance for their situation.

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Step-2: Contract Procurement Solution:

Upon intake completion, we facilitate retainer delivery to your client. Our cutting-edge technology enables swift digital retainer transmission, ensuring instant signature acquisition. This swiftly secures your client. Backed by proven success, our process and technology yield significantly improved conversion rates compared to conventional client retention approaches.

Step-3: Appointment Coordination Solution

Effortlessly merge our appointment coordination service with your existing online scheduling platform. Our proficient team gains access to your system, proficiently organizing consultations and appointments on your behalf. This streamlined approach optimizes efficiency while ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your clients.

qualified claimants

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Step-4: Resurrecting Inactive Leads:

In situations where your law firm holds untapped mass tort retainers, our assistance lies in rekindling their potential. Our intake specialists reach out to these leads, guiding their enrollment into our digital contract service. The remarkable outcome is that numerous clients are pleasantly surprised by the significant number of revived retainers resulting from our proactive follow-up approach.

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