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Hair Relaxer Mass Tort

Are you a regular user of hair relaxers?

Have you been facing any health issues lately?

While hair relaxers are used extensively to manage and straighten hair, there are several cases where the usage of these products has led to serious health issues. If you are a regular user of hair relaxers, you may be at high risk of developing uterine fibroids, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer (type 1), and various other reproductive system conditions that could result in Myectomy/Fibroidectomy and Hysterectomy.

Many chemicals or potential carcinogens including guanidine hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, and sodium hydroxide have been used in hair relaxers by many manufacturers. When these chemicals get absorbed by your scalp, they can enter your bloodstream and increase your risks of developing cancer or any reproductive system condition.

There is an ongoing mass tort campaign against the manufacturers of hair relaxers including Revlon, Lโ€™Oreal, Shoft Sheen Carson, Dabur, Godrej, Namaste, and Strength of Nature. Many users of these products have started filing cases to seek compensation for their treatments, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Some of the companies manufacturing hair relaxers have understood these concerns and started reformulating their products. Nevertheless, it is their responsibility to develop safer alternatives and educate their customers on the potential risks associated with the usage of hair relaxers.

While eating healthy and exercising is important to keep your body and mind fit, it is also important that you do a thorough research on the products that you have been using on your body. In case you or any of your loved ones have been facing any kind of issues due to regular usage of hair relaxers, Heritus can help you find help.

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What Can You Expect from Heritus?

We, at Halcom, put in every effort possible to understand your situation and find out what kind of help you are looking for. Based on the details that you furnish us, we start capturing leads and make sure you get in touch with people who can provide the assistance you are looking for. Here are a few steps that we follow:

Analyzing Requirements

The process of lead transfer starts with gathering your requirements. For this, you will be required to fill in your details in the form that you see on our web page. Once we have your details your requirements will be analyzed by your team, before taking further action.

Creating Landing Pages

An analysis of your details will help us understand what kind of leads we need to capture, for you. Equipped with this knowledge our team will start working on creating an exclusive landing page that will attract people who provide the help you are looking for. We optimize these landing pages using proven Search Engine Optimization techniques, for maximum reach.

Capturing, Verifying, and Transferring Leads

Each and every lead that we capture will be thoroughly verified before they are transferred to you. We have an entire team of telecommunicators who will verify the intent of these leads and make sure they are ready to offer the help that you are looking for. The verified leads are then transferred to you, saving you a lot of time and effort. Not many are aware of the kind of health risks they might be exposed to, if they keep on using hair relaxers consistently. If you have been facing any symptoms of ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer type 1, or uterine fibroids because of using hair relaxers, Halcom can help. Furnish us your details by filling up the form and wait till we transfer the leads you are looking for.

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