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Although VA loans are available only to military veterans and active military members, there are quite a few of these who are looking for loans to buy homes in USA.

As a VA loan lender you might find it difficult to find people who qualify for the loans that you are ready to lend. We, at Heritus Marketing Group, can make this easy for you.

As a lead generation firm, we have details of all military veterans, active military members, National Guard members and reservists who are eligible to borrow VA loans. We also have details of the spouses of the military members who have died or rendered disabled during their active duty.

By sending them VA Mortgage Direct Mails on your behalf, we tell them how beneficial such a loan can be for them to buy their primary home in USA. We will also let them know whom they should get in touch with, should they make up their mind to borrow a VA mortgage loan. This way, as soon as they do make up their mind, the first thing they would do is call you. All that you need to do is answer their calls and convince them to borrow VA loans from you.

It is a win-win deal where you get your potential borrowers to call you, without wasting any time on:

Looking for the right prospectsโ€ฆ.
Verifying their detailsโ€ฆ.
Or Getting in touch with themโ€ฆ.

What exactly is a VA Mortgage direct mail marketing campaign?

VA Mortgage direct mail marketing campaign is a campaign through which we send out VA mortgage direct mails to those potential borrowers who are eligible to borrow VA mortgage loans from you. It is on your behalf that we send these mails to make sure they get in touch with you, should they be interested in actually borrowing a VA loan.

So how can such a campaign help?

The main help that you can receive from this campaign is that you can start getting the calls of prospects, without you having to lift a finger. There is absolutely no wastage of time or efforts on your part, as we handle every aspect of this campaign, on your behalf. All you need to do is give us your requirements and then wait for your telephone to ring.

Who can benefit from VA Mortgage Direct Mails?

Small Banks that are into VA Mortgages

Financial institutions that lend VA mortgages

Private VA Lenders

VA lending Companies

Building societies that are into VA mortgages

How it Works

We find your Prospects

We get your requirements and analyse the same to come up with the right kind of prospects that you are looking for. We use the ideal techniques to filter off the candidates who do not fit into your parameters, be it a certain location, the number of years of service, the designation or the age group to which they belong.

We draft and send out mailers to your Prospects

Our experts design customized and personalized Targeted VA Mortgage Direct Mails that are powerful enough to invoke action from your prospects. We find out which is the right time to get in touch with your prospects based on the market situation and then start sending out these mailers to multiple prospects. We will let you know when we send them, when they get delivered and when they get read by your prospects, so that you can be ready for their calls.

We make sure they start calling you only if they are interested

We give your prospects all the information that they need about VA mortgage loans through the VA Mortgage Direct Mails that we send them on your behalf. We make sure they understand your terms and conditions thoroughly. You donโ€™t have to worry about being turned away by them as you are not even going to call them. They will call you only if they are genuinely interested in borrowing VA loans from you.

We ensure the quicker success of the campaign

Our experience and expertise in running VA Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns help us use the right techniques that help in delivering the mails to the prospects and invoking the desired action at the earliest. You should start getting calls in about a week after we start the campaign for you.

Benefits of VA Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

You get to reach out to the right prospects who are eligible to borrow VA loans from you

You can get in touch with your prospects directly, without the involvement of any middlemen

The mails that go through these campaigns would be those that have been approved by you after a thorough analysis. Therefore, the message that they contain is the one that you want to convey to your potential clients.

It is the most cost-effective way of getting in touch with millions of prospects, within the shortest span of time.

By eliminating the need for calling prospects, such a campaign makes your prospects call you at their convenience.

Such a campaign cuts down the negatives and improves your chances of gaining more and more borrowers.

It gives you better visibility, thereby enhancing the reach of your business.

Why Choose Heritus For Your VA Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns?

More Business

VA Mortgage direct mails make sure your prospects keep calling you even when the market is low. By sending these Targeted VA Mortgage Direct mails to exclusive and personalized leads, we make sure we eliminate your competition, improve your chances of conversions and get a chance to earn more business.

Faster Success

We start your work as soon as you give it to us, thereby wasting no time in sending the mailers that can create wonders for your business. By making sure these mailers reach your prospects at the right time, we ensure your prospects start calling you at the earliest.

Better Reach

Our lead generation techniques are effective enough to help you get in touch with maximum number of prospects who fit well into the parameters that you have specified. This will improve the reach of your business and enhance your visibility.

Excellent Value for Money

We aim at offering excellent value for money for all our clients. We contact the maximum number of prospects, within the shortest span of time, and at affordable pricing. We make sure our services exceed your expectations at all times.

Make the most out of VA Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing through Heritus!

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