Real Time Leads

Quality And Filters Guarantee. Our Leads are on Filters and accurate with quality assurance. Any Lead not matched on the agreed Filters will be replaced for free.


Whatever business you may be in, you will definitely benefit from real time leads. This way you get to contact prospects as soon as they start showing an interest in your business. This is in fact the best time to catch them as it will be easier to convert them into actual customers, thereby increasing your revenues and expanding your business. We, at Heritus Marketing Group, can generate real time leads for you.

Heritus Marketing Group has been into lead generation for quite some time now. We use the techniques that are the best in the industry and improve upon them every now and then. Through well-designed landing pages, SEO & SEM strategies, we bring to you opt-in leads that permit us to send you their details. You can then use direct marketing techniques to create awareness of your business among these prospects and lure them into purchasing your products or services.

There are many service providers who offer real time leads to their clients. However, not everyone would ensure that all these leads are absolutely updated, verified and personalized. We, at Heritus Marketing Group, are glad to walk that extra mile to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services in terms of accuracy and timeliness. This is the reason why many businesses and individual entrepreneurs have been a part of our dedicated clientele.

Our team members start working from the time we receive your call. The first step in the process is to understand your requirements. We then come up with the right technique to use in order to gather real time leads. After this, we go on to verify the details given by these leads and make sure they are actually interested in your business. Once we are confident about these leads, we immediately send their details through email so that you can take the necessary steps to transform these leads into opportunities.

The real time leads that we gather at Heritus would be exclusive to your business so that you know they havenโ€™t been contacted by any of your competitors till now. We complete most of the work for you by verifying the details and confirming that these leads actually match your requirements. All you need to do is give them the offer that they cannot refuse.

Every business has its own goals; but the goal of our business is to help you in achieving the goals you have set for your business. As your lead generation partner we are very confident of achieving our goal. Are you?

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