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Did you know that 29% of the American Population is comprised of baby boomers?

Well, these baby boomers arenโ€™t really babies anymore. They have started entering the reverse mortgage age already. In fact, 28% have already qualified for reverse mortgage, making that a population of about 21 million.

So, how do you pick out the leads that actually qualify?

How are you going to get in touch with them?

The answer is simple โ€“ Through Heritus Marketing Group!

We have all the details of your potential customers and we can run reverse mortgage direct mail marketing campaigns on behalf of you.

What exactly are reverse mortgage direct mail marketing campaigns?

These are campaigns that are aimed at creating awareness about reverse mortgage, contacting senior homeowners who can benefit from taking reverse mortgages, making them understand how they can benefit from the reverse mortgage loans and telling them exactly what they need to do if they are interested in taking out reverse mortgages.

So how can these campaigns help?

By getting in touch with millions of senior homeowners who can benefit by taking reverse mortgage loans, we give them an opportunity to start contacting you.

Yes, you heard it right โ€“ You need not call them โ€“ They will call you!

The best part of all this is that in order to make them call you, there is absolutely nothing you need to do, apart from giving us your requirements and specifications.

Who can benefit by Reverse Mortgage Direct Mails?


Financial institutions that are into originating reverse mortgages

Private reverse mortgage lenders

Reverse Mortgage Companies

Companies that offer Home Equity Solutions

How it Works

We filter your potential leads according to the parameters you have specified

Being a lead generating firm helps us in finding leads that match your specifications exactly. We have our genuine sources and proven techniques that will help us find those perfect leads, whether they live in a particular location, belong to a certain age group or own homes that have a certain value.

We send the mails to your Potential Clients on Your Behalf

We send out millions of mails on a weekly basis. We have professionals who are highly skilled in drafting Reverse Mortgage direct mailers that generate the exact action that you desire from your prospects. We will let you know when the mail was sent, when it was delivered and whether or not it was read.

We Make sure Your Potential Clients Call you if they are Interested

The Reverse Mortgage Direct Mails that we send out to your potential clients will have your contact details in them, making your potential clients call you directly if they are interesting in borrowing the reverse mortgage from you. Hence, all of the calls that you get will be genuine and when attended promptly, you have high chances of improving your business.

We ensure you start seeing your desired results within a week

Through our highly targeted reverse mortgage direct mail campaigns, we make sure the mails get delivered to the right people at the right time in the right way. We take the necessary steps to ensure the mails are delivered quickly and efficiently, without seeming as spams.

Benefits of Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

The best way to get in touch with potential customers directly.

The most cost-effective method of getting in touch with your prospects.

The only way to make your prospects contact you, without wasting any time.

The risk-free method of achieving the best results within the shortest span of time.

The perfect way to increase your visibility and gain maximum number of customers.

Cold Calling Direct Mailing
You call your Prospects Your Prospects Call you
Your prospects have no idea who you are Your prospects know exactly who you are and how you can help them
Your Prospects are annoyed and do not show any interest in talking to you Your Prospects call you when they are interested in talking to you
Waste of time and efforts as you have to deal with many Nos for an answer No wastage of time, since you are actually not doing anything
Business stops when you stop calling Prospects keep calling you even after you have stopped contacting them

Why Choose Heritus For Your Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns?

Faster Results

We get to work the moment you give us your requirements. Using our proven methodologies, we target the exact kind of potential clients you are looking for. We verify their details and start sending the Reverse Mortgage direct mailers immediately. We make sure we say exactly what is to be said and in the perfect way so that the mailers that we send start generating quick results.

Better Results

Our team consists of members who are experts in running reverse mortgage direct mail marketing campaigns. They understand the in and out of reverse mortgages and push the right buttons to get the right responses from your potential customers. If you attend their calls promptly, clarify their queries and convince them that you can help solve their issues, you have high chances of converting them into your clients.

Personalized and Exclusive Leads

The leads that we contact through Reverse Mortgage direct mails are those that have not been contacted by any other reverse mortgage lender so far. Also, they are those that fit into your specifications exactly. This improves your chances to convince them of how you can be of help to them. Once you do that you will be on your way to gain maximum customers and taking your business towards great heights of success.

Excellent Value for Money

We believe in establishing long-term relationships with all our clients. We are here to be of help to you and make sure you achieve the goals of your business

in the fastest and most effective way. We wish to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with our services and we leave no stone unturned in making such efforts. By giving optimal results at affordable pricing, we offer excellent value for your money.

Sign up with Heritus Marketing Group and start taking advantage of Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail Marketing Campaign before other lenders start swooping in!

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